Your Body

Your body is amazing!

It helps you to walk, work and play. 

I read "Your body". This is one of the book of Oxford Read and Discover . This story tells me the importance of being health. I understand the work of body.


a bug's life

A bug's life is difficult. the ants on Ant Island are always working. All day, every day they have to find food. The grasshoppers come and take the food. The ants have to find more and more. They are tired.

Today, I read a bug's life. I watched this movie when I was kids. I watched the movie again and again. I love this movie:)
This book was a little boring for me.
Because some story are omitted in this book.😅 I want to watch this movie in English.


  What is a city?
It's seven o'clock in the morning.
People are going to work. It's a new day in the city.
What is a city? A city is streets and buildings. A city cars, buses, and taxis. A city is people- lots of people.

Today, I will introduce "Cities". This is one of the Oxford Read and Discover series.
This book tell me what is a city. As you know, there are many cities in the world. But There are many things that I don't know! You should check this book:)

「oxford read and discover 2 cities」の画像検索結果

Nice time

I watched a movie  at friend's house last Saturday.
リメンバー・ミーの画像・ジャケット写真It was nice time!! And I went to eat Yakiniku :)


101 Dalmatians

One day, Roger takes Pongo for a walk in the park. They meet Anita and Perdita there. Anita is abeautiful woman and Perdita is her beautiful Dalmatian dog. Roger smiles at Anita and Pongo smiles at Perdita.

Today, I read 101 Dalmatians. This is one if the PENGUIN KIDS series.
I love this movie, so I want to read in English. This story is famous for people all over the world. When I read this book, I remember my days...


The city Mouse and the Country Mouse

The two mice had a great time. They listened to music. They played games. They can from room to room. All of this made them very hungry. So  they went into the dining room. These stood a table filled with meat and cheese and a whole cherry pie!!

I read The city Mouse and the Country Mouse. In this story, there are two mouse. One is city mouse and the other is Country mouse. One day the city mouse visit country mouse. They played game and ate some corn. But city mouse started to bore doing that. So he invited his friend country mouse. But they came across something horrible in the city house!!!!


A Death in Oxford

It's six thirty in the morning. Inspector Frank Williams of the oxford police is in bed. He hears his phone and answers it. 'Williams,' he says. 'It's Kate Miller, Inspector. I'm at 17B St John Street, the house of a Dr Janet Leighton. She's dead.'

Today, I will introduce A Death in Oxford. This series is Cambridge English Readers. Dr Janet Leighton is dead and Frank Williams of the Oxford police wants to know why. Who knows the answer?? Can you know the answer?? You should read this book and find the answer!!

Nice time

I went to グリーンランド last Sunday. It was very very very hot day💥💥
Our club team- Ichidaizhi performed dance there. 
We have practiced hard for this festival. 
「グリーンランド よさこい」の画像検索結果I performed our new dance in public for the first time, 
so I was very nervous. But I enjoyed the time.
You can watch our performance on the Youtube.
You should check this video!!

I will never forget the hot day💭


Bertie's wonderful ears

Oxford Story tree
'Five times five' said Mrs Lines.Mrs Lines talked Quietly but everyone could hear her voice very well.Everyone in the class wrote something but Bertie did not write anything.Bertie put the end of his pencil in his mouth.'what's  the answer?' he asked himself. He wanted to write the answer but he could not.

Today, I read Bertie's wonderful ears. This book's series is Oxford Story tree.
 Bertie was not good at math. He looks like Prince Cecil. Princes Cecil was very smart but Bertie is not. He  did not like a joke about looking like a prince.
But his funny ear makes him famous. What happened to him ??



                                    'I want to be King!'

Prince Charming was a handsome man but he was horrible!’I want to be king of Far Far Away,' he thought. But he needed help to be King. So he went to see some fairy tale villains. they weren't nice people! They didn't like Prince Charming.

Today, I read SHREK THE THiRD:)
This is famous movie.
I watched this movie again and again,
but I haven't read in English.

Prince Charming wanted to be king, but he is not adored by everyone. 
So he got fairy tale villain on him side. Shrek wanted to find the new king- Arthur. Shrek could go back the home with Arthur. And Prince Charming waited for him because he come up with bad ideas...
What was happened to Shrek??


Betty's secret

"Betty and Fiona were twin sisters. They looked exactly the same. There are only one difference between them. Betty colored her hair red and Fiona coloured her hair blonde. The twins lived together a small house."

Today, I will introduce Betty's secret :)
This is one of the Oxford Story Tree series, level 9.
In this story, main character are Betty and Fiona.
They are twin and fighter.
One day, Betty was upset.
Because Fiona was always cheered by people but she was not.
When Betty said that, Fiona answered that "That's because I am Fair Fiona and you are Bad Betty".

Then Betty come up with an idea...

What do you think the idea was??

Ireland (Oxford Bookworms Fact files)

Ireland is a strange and interesting country.It has beautiful high mountains, long deep livers. People go there to fish and swim and walk. They love Ireland because it is so quiet and because the Irish people are so nice and friendly.

Today I read "Ireland".                                           ➡➡➡➡

Do you know Ireland? Of course, you know the name of this country.
 This book tell us the Irish history, city, music and do on.
I was interested in Irish history the most.In the turn of the 19 century,  Ireland was not good times. Irishmen fought the English. Many Irish was killed. And poor Irish people should  leave the Ireland to look for work.

Today, Irish people can find works at the their home. Ireland is not a poor country any more. 

Anyway, You should check this book😉

These days ...

I'm practicing hardly in my club these days. 
Because we are going to perform in the events. 
The event is SANOYOI. 
Fireworks is going to shoot off in this event!!
If you have a time, you should come :)

The girl at the window

The the woman say,'This is a beautiful baby. 
We are going to find a good home for her.' 
'But Mary's my baby,' I say.'You are a bad girl,Grace,' the women say.

I read the girl with the window. This book was a little scare for me😧

Grace is a girl in 1815. And Sue is a young mother in 2001.
Sue has a baby. Sue's family are going to
send a  life in the new house.
There are a picture of a woman; Grace.
She likes the picture, but this will cause strange thing.
What will happen to her...??


The kidnappers

Kipper sat up and rubbed his eyes. 

He looked at his toys. 
"Come on Kipper," said Catsimir. 
"Hurry up! It's time fore a magic  adventure."
 I read "The kidnappers". This series is Oxford Reading Tree. One of the my favorite series. When Kipper fell asleep, the key glowed. And his toys started to work.  It was the begging of magic!! It was also a begging of special time!! Then, the key took them to an airport. And They met famous bear there, but he was abducted by someone!! How does kipper rescue them from kidnappers??

The old promise

Suddenly, she turned to John and said,
"John, come with me, I need your help."
"My help?" said John. "Umm...How? How I can help you?"
Today, I read The old promise.
A businessman tells Mr. Jekins that he has to leave the house he was born in.
But Faye think that businessman are little strange. She and John try to understand the truth. How are they going to help him??💭You should check this book!!👀

A helping hand

Together, they slowly walked up the hill.
Soon Daniela  found her bag.
"Oh, no. My camera's broken," she said.
Tyler saw something and said, "Daniela, come and look at this."
"What is it, Tyler" she asked.

I read "A helping hand".
David was going to the beach with his friends, Daniela and Tyler.
They were riding their bikes to the beach.
But  they went through a gate to Jenkins Beach. It was dangerous way!!
They came across strong dogs. And David went missing!!
What has happened to David??

Trouble at sea

"Go away! We don't want you here," said Carlos.
"Yes, we know," said David. He was very angry with the man.
"We know the plan to buy the old house and build a hotel.
 We heard you. And we saw you put oil in the sea.
We are going to tell the police."

I read Trouble at sea!! 

There are five guys in this story, Faye and her friends.
They are going to swim in the sea. And Faye drive the boat into Jekins Cove.
Then they see a dying bird covered in oil. 
What will happen to them...??

Does he love me?

"Please don't be angly with me," said Jenny. 
"I...didn't know about the party. I was worried.
 I thought you liked Yoon-Hee more than me.” 
Alex laught, "Jenny, no.
 You are my girl friend, not Yoon- Hee."
 I read "Does she love me?".
This is Foundations Reading Library series.I love this series.
 In this story, Jenny worried about Alex and Yoon-Hee.
Because they are seemed to really close.
Yoon-Hee keeps a diary, and Jenny knows the truth will be in it.
Will she look the diary? You should check this book!!

Dirty money

Joe opens his eyes. He sees Sandy.
 'Oh, Joe, ' she says. 'You are all right!'
Joe looks around. he's in the hospital.
'I must get up,' says Joe. I must talk to Grady'
'But...' Sandy watches Joe.
       Today, I read Dirty money. In this story, there are two main character, 
       Joe and Sandy. They are love their new life in Canada. 
       But everything changes when Pan Global come to town. 
       Can Joe find out what the new mine is really for?

Fireball's Heart