Don't stop now!


I looked up from  my coffee.'Crash!'- that was the cafe window.And ' Aaah'- that was Kate.

I read "Don't Stop Now!" . This is one of the series of Cambridge English Readers level 1. This story is thrilling and makes us nervous.

The main character was Matt. He was a driver who take drinks to the shops and cafes. The Web cafe was a one of the place. The cafe's owner was Paolo. He had a daughter who names Kate.


Three Tomorrows

Today, I'll introduce Three Tomorrows. I like fantastic stories because it takes me into another world and with Tree tomorrows it take me into another dimension.
In this book, there are three stories. The first story is about computer virus. In this book, everyone started to buy on the site after they had been hypnotised by the site and bought something.


Blood Diamonds

I'll introduce you Blood diamonds. This book is one of the series of Cambridge English Readers.   


John Doe

I'll introduce John Doe. This book is one of the series of Cambridge  English Reader level 1. When I finished to read this book, I thought I don’t want to experience such things like in this book.

The main character of this book is  the title. One day he was carried into the hospital. He couldn't speak any language because he forgot the language. Incredibly, he could speak in fact. He pretended to lost his memory. He was a criminal, so he did so to make a escape. Then he watched for a chance to kill the nurse in his hospital.


Just Like A Movie

Today, I'll introduce you the book  Just like A Movie.
This is the one of the  series of Cambridge English Readers.
This book is love story.

In this book the main character is Brad,
and he loved movies. He had a girlfriend.
they have known each other four years.
They were poor, but they loved each other.
One day, they went to see the movie called Dead Money.
When he finished to watch it,
he came up with a idea to get money.
The idea was so stupid.

When I finished this book,
I thought this man is so silly.
I think money is important, but love is more important.
But this book is fiction, in this respect this story amuse me.
 Any way you should try this book!


Hotel Casanova

I read Hotel Casanova. This book is one of the series
 of the Cambridge English Readers level 1.
When I finished to read this book,
I thought love sometimes bring us trouble.

In this book, the main character is a hotel receptor.
His name was Dino Bracco.
He had a plan that He would marriage with someone
When he was 26 years old.
However, when he was 21 years old,
 he fall in love a beautiful woman.
 They loved each other,
but she was one of the hotel guests and he was the receptor there.
How was he managed to solve this problem?
Life is a series of choice, and sometimes it is difficult for us.

The House on the Hill

This week, I'll introduce The House on the Hill. This is one of the book of series of Macmillan readers. This book is written about love story.When I finished to read this book,  I felt love is difficult.

In this book, a man was loved in a woman. A man's name was Paul and woman's name was Maria. They met by the river by chance in sunny day. He wanted to marriage with her but, he could't do it. Paul was very poor so, her mother didn't like him. The girl's house is very rich while he had no money, no father, nothing.  However, he believed he could be a famous writer one day. Which is important for you, money or love? This is a difficult question...

Don't stop now!