Different Worlds

When you love somebody you fell afraid. But it's better to fell afraid than sad. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. (P 42 L 7)

I read Different Worlds written by Margaret Johnson. This book is one of the series of Cambridge English Readers. I like love story, so I enjoyed reading this book. Some of the theme of this book is a birth deaf. This book tell me the importance of challenging something I have ever done.


Mystery on the Island

A big white car is going very fast. It nearly hits Daniela.

"Wow! That car nearly hit me!" says Daniela.

Today, I read Mystery on the book. This book is one of the series of Foundation Reading Library. I enjoyed the ending of this book the most, because I couldn't predict that at all.

The main character are Daniela, David and John.The found a man at the are of water where people keep boats that are used for pleasure. The man was angry with them, because the man didn't want to come close to the boat. They wondered the man was hiding a big secret. They went to the police officer to tell the boat. But, a policemen didn't try to reveal the secret. Then they decided to run after the boat. They took the boat to a small beach and reached a island. In the island, they met the man again. What is the mystery on the island...?


The Dark Side Of The City

Monday, January 17th. It was Martin Luther King Day, a holiday in the U.S.A. The streets of Manhattan were white with snow and usually quiet.(L 1,2 P 6)

This book is one of the series of Cambridge English  Readers level 2. In this story, the main character is Nat Marley who is a New York private investigator.

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Within High Fences

We were all locked in together. At the end of every night's work, I could go home, but the asylum seekers had to stay in the centre.

I read Within High Fences which one of the series of Cambridge English Readers. I was moved by this main character woman's strength of the intention.

The woman's name is Nancy. She is a security guard in asylum camp. She lived with a rich boyfriend. However, she fall in love with one man. His name is George. He is a refugee, so he is being housed in temporary accommodation. They met each other there.

Nancy was confused with her boyfriend, because she no longer loved him. He is a rich man, but he used violence to her. She really loved George. She decided to leave form boyfriend. She made the decision for herself. Her boyfriend tried to hold up, but she said she would never go back to him.

One day George should have left asylum camp, so they wouldn't see each other forever...

How they solved their problem...?


The Ooze

Today, I read The Ooze written by Kule Maclauchlan. This is the one of the series of Atama-ii Books. In this book, the main character is us. We can choose the end of the story.

The "Ooze" is like a pudding, but it's color is slimy green. Surprisingly, the ooze is alive!! You have never seen it before...

I have decided to take this ooze school in order to find out what this is. However, teacher didn't know what the creature was...


Ten long years

”OK. You need to know," he said.  I wasn't a good guy. I sold drugs on the street- crack and heroin.(P 13 L 1)

 I read Ten Long Years. This is one of the series of Cambridge English Readers. In this book, main character is Nat Marley. He was a New York private investigator. Before he become an investigator, he was a police officer in New York. That’s why he was very familiar with streets of his city. The knowledge was a great help of in his new job.

One day, when he was in the McFadden’s bar, he met one man. The man’s name was Jorge Hernandez. He walked over to Investigator’s table and asked to sit there. They drunk together and talked a little. Nat gave his noun to him. The next morning, Nat was in his office, and his assistant was too. Then, the assistant said the client was waiting in his office. The client was the man he met in the bar. Jorge needed to find an old friend, so he visited Nat. Nat wondered why he was looking for his  old friend. In fact, his old friend was not a good man. They were drug pusher. Hernandez were cached by police the years ago because of a breach of the law. What will Nat do to find the old friend...?


Jack and the Westbourne Fair

No homework, no teachers, no school, no parents no kid brother...Actually, he really loved his kid brother, Jim. But Jack wanted to escape.
I read Jack and the Westbourne Fair. This is one of the series of Helbling readers level 2. This is about Jack's badly week.

His week started badly. In the Monday morning, His teacher asked him ' Where is your homework'. He forgot his homework. Next day, he was involved the fight with his friend. On Wednesday, he had a accident in the chemistry laboratory. He wasn't listening his teacher's saying.In the night, he couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about the Westbourne Fair. Every year, on a Thursday night in April, the fair entered the town. And every year, on the following Friday, he always went with friends. He didn’t like school, because he didn’t want to be controlled by someone. He loved the fun, the rides and the games. On Friday, when he was walking the street, he found cans of spray paint. Then he shook the cans and started spraying. However, he heard an angry voice behind him, so he ran away. Later, in the school, he was asked to see the headmaster. The headmaster was angry with him. He gave him lots of extra homework and Jack promised to do it over the weekend. His parents was angry with him too, so he was told not to go to the Fair. But he wanted to go there at any cost! What he will do...?

Different Worlds